Our Theory of Change

All around us are seemingly intractable social and environmental problems that need to be solved. Government and philanthropy cannot solve these problems alone. We need the private sector to play a role: we need more capital to flow to enterprises with scalable solutions and we need existing companies to improve the social and environmental impact of their products and operations. After all, every business has a social and environmental impact, and every business is, in the long run, affected by social and environmental forces. If we work to understand this impact, and intentionally point it in positive directions, we can preserve and create social, environmental, and financial value. This is impact investing. It’s good problem solving, and it’s good business too.

Families play a unique role in the emerging impact investing market. Families are stewards of wealth; they think and act on behalf of future generations. Families are committed to building for the long-term, but they are also nimble and experimental. Families are indispensable investors in emerging concepts, companies, managers, and markets. Families lead some of the largest and most important enterprises in every sector and every market around the world and they support the research, advocacy, and network building that creates vibrant market ecosystems. Families’ influence can be harmonized and leveraged in order to change the behavior of market-shaping institutions such as big banks. The ImPact exists to help member families realize their full potential as impact investors, ecosystem builders, and market influencers. 

At the heart of our community is a commitment that all of our members make to:

  1. explore the impact of all of their investments and,
  2. invest to create social benefit. 

The ImPact is a community of peers, built by families for families. The ImPact’s member experience is designed to inspire and enable members to take action – both individually and collectively – to increase the flow of capital to impact enterprises. 

The ImPact’s educational experiences help members navigate the landscape of impact investment opportunities and the processes for developing and implementing impact investment strategies. 

The ImPact nurtures cross-pollination of ideas and investment opportunities. Our data-driven insights helps members better understand their own investments and the investment strategies of their peers. ImPact members share with each other the lessons they are learning as they navigate their own impact journeys. Members also share impact investment opportunities with each other and organize collectively to influence institutions within the market. By building strong bonds of trust and sharing learnings, data, and opportunities with one another, ImPact members help each other make more informed investment decisions.

Collective action by ImPact members and partners drives greater impact alignment among market intermediaries. More investment opportunities, better information, and more aligned intermediaries help families make more impact investments more effectively. This means more capital flowing to the best entrepreneurs, companies, and managers tackling the most important social and environmental issues of our time. The acceleration of capital to impact sets off a virtuous cycle as the best entrepreneurs, managers, and institutions respond to amplified demand in the market. Talent follows capital and capital follows talent, shifting the center of gravity of the market towards impact.

By making impact the market norm, not the exception, families will help unlock the trillions of dollars of capital needed to address the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.